Intellync works to “bridge the gap between people, data and technology.” The company contacted Science Crunchers looking for science crunching and communication services. The goal was to develop outputs to communicate technical details of products, scientific findings, or raise awareness on topics related with the Client’s services that could be posted/shared in the company’s social media and website as part of a new and broader communication plan. The diversity of themes, mostly conceptual areas in legal, ethics and management, among others, represented a challenge that Science Crunchers readily accepted.


The Client shared information every month in the form of one or more papers or reports. Science Crunchers analysed all the information and selected which information to include and highlight in each infographic. For products or services, we started by creating what we call an “ugly draft” to be discussed with the Client to agree the level of detail and the tone of the content (informative, instructive, commercial). Based on the Client’s visual identity, our design team prepared an adaptable and versatile graphical layout and several graphical elements to create a sound and consistent identity for the infographics. These elements and layout were then customized for each infographic in order to fit the specific contents and the message to be conveyed with the inclusion of pictures or illustrations to support the written information.



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