The Portuguese Paper Industry Association (CELPA) wanted to develop two infographics. The first one aimed at communicating the concepts and processes of the circular economy in the Portuguese paper industry; the second one aimed to display the forestry indicators namely forest area and national burnt area, among other performance indicators. The information to be included in the visuals was compiled in a comprehensive statistical report and had to be selected, crunched, and then transformed into visuals. The biggest challenge for the first deliverable was to include all relevant information and the relationship between the data while ensuring a visually appealing and easy-to-read infographic. The second infographic came with an extra challenge: to have a final format/support that could be used not only to convey the information but also to celebrate the International Day of Forests.


With the circularity of the process in mind, our team analysed and crunched down the information on the report to select the most significant pieces of data to include on the circular economy infographic and the most relevant indicators to show up on the indicators’ infographic. The writing team putted together drafts highlighting the most important steps of the process and indicators and discussed with the design team the details to be included and emphasized in each visual. Together, writers and designers also came up with the format idea for the second infographic, an origami tree to be assembled by the audience and that worked as a piece of communication but that also provide a funny challenge and a decorative element. You can also check the infographics here.



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