With the mission to “improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through nutrition and scientific innovation”, Alltech develops feed supplements to different segments of the animal nutrition industry. The company approached Science Crunchers with the goal of developing a series of communication materials for some of their gut health products and programs. The goal was to develop visually impacting infographics that support written content but also self-explanatory so they could be used in multiple communication materials.


Science Crunchers went through all the information shared by the Client to select the information to be used in the infographics and visited the company’s website to set the tone of the visuals. The Science Crunchers team developed storyboards/drafts to present to the Client and determine the level of detail to depict and make adjustments. With the drafts validated, our designers started creating the graphical elements and the layout for each infographic, always in close collaboration with the science team and according to the Client’s feedback. The work resulted in versatile, fully customised infographics highlighting the products and program key benefits and features.



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