DEEPBaseline is a research project focused on co-developing a knowledge baseline on the diversity and distribution of deep-sea sponge and coral species in Portugal. The project requested a communication package that included a logotype for the project based on a set of specifications shared by the Client. It also included the creation of a website with a tailormade platform for georeferenced data plus a set of other communication materials.


Science Crunchers developed the graphic identity of the research project and the guidelines for visual standards and logo usage. The Client’s requirements for the logo included having a graphical but clean and simple representation of the deep sea and some living forms. The design team worked using different sets of colours and variations of concept to deliver three logo options: one more iconic and minimalist, one more edgy and with a three-dimensional finish, and a third one showing a natural and organic image of the deep sea. The website design was built on the logo chosen by the client and the graphical identity developed by our designers (icons, illustrative elements and colours). The concept of the website is a deep dive into the ocean – as the visitor scrolls down the colours and living forms make the visitor’s feel it is going deeper and deeper into the ocean depths.



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