The Directorate General of Marine Policy (DGPM) is a central service under the direct administration of the Portuguese Government, with administrative autonomy. Its mission is to “develop, monitor and update the National Ocean Strategy, create and recommend on the national ocean policy, develop the maritime spatial planning, follow-up on and participate on the development of an EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy and promote national and international cooperation regarding ocean subjects”. DGPM requested the branding for the event A Blue Agenda in the Green Deal – a conference to reinforce the importance of the sustainable blue economy in European economic recovery, organized under the Portuguese Presidency of the EU) The request included: a logotype for the project based on a set of specifications shared by the Client, the development of the visual identity for the event, and creating several communication materials including support materials for the conference.


Science Crunchers® developed the visual identity for the A Blue Agenda in the Green Deal event. The design team worked from the Client’s briefing to deliver different options of logo aligned with the visual identity of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU. Using different sets of colours and variations of concept to deliver three logo options with different amount of detail and scope. After the logos were approved, the designers and the writers worked close together to develop the copy and visual elements to all the supporting communication materials – Agenda, banners, conference backgrounds, conference crawl, and printed dissemination materials (posters, flags, and giftware). The visual identity developed by Science Crunchers® was also used by the Client to develop the event’s official website.



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