Altri, one of the leading Portuguese paper pulp producers, has identified areas of its own forests with high value in terms of biodiversity and conservation through their Altri Diversity programme. The company needed three informative panels for a wider audience to place in one of their properties. The panels should focus on: showing the importance of biodiversity conservation measures, endangered bird species and the biodiversity found in a temporary pond. The Client asked for visually impacting panels with pictures of all main species and visually aligned with the company’s graphic line.


Science Crunchers analysed the report shared by client to extract all relevant information. An additional research was made to gather more information especially on the endangered birds and aquatic species. All written content was developed, and the visual concept was built based on Altri’s graphic identity. The conservation and the bird panels included a map of the field and pictures so visitors could easily identify the species. Since there were no pictures available depicting the pond’s biodiversity our design team built an illustration portraying the most relevant species and the unique features of this habitat.



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