The Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Vale Domingos [Cultural and Recreational Association of Vale Domingos] is a non-profit association responsible for the creation of Parque Botânico de Vale Domingos [Vale Domingos Botanical Park], the biggest park of magnolias in the Iberian Peninsula. The project Grande Livro do Parque [The Big Book of the Park] included developing educational materials on the biodiversity recorded in the Park. The main challenge of this project was to create visually appealing pieces of communication highlighting the Park’s main features and biodiversity, and for a young audience but scientifically accurate and that could work as a repository of the history and diversity of the Park.


The project included several deliverables in different formats: three large informative panels, two large format books, a species guide to the Park and an activity book for kids. Science Crunchers gathered all the necessary information on the Park’s species and main features and organized all the information. The writers teamed up with the designers to define the deliverables’ format and finish, and which type of information should be depicted in each deliverable. The collaboration was particularly close and regular to make sure that the design was flexible enough to accommodate the specificities of each deliverable. Writers and designers worked side by side to ensure that every graphical detail supported the written content, and vice-versa. The result was a coherent, astonishing and scientifically-rich communication package that is a celebration of the people of Vale Domingos and their amazing project.



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