AB Vista is an animal nutrition technology company and “one of the largest suppliers of yeast and natural betaine to the global animal nutrition industry”. The company contacted Science Crunchers to develop a short motion graphic video to explain the mode of action of one of their star products. The Client’s briefing uncovered one of the biggest challenge in this project: the video should include the product’s mode of action depicted in a realistic, 3D manner.


Both the design and the scientific teams developed the storyboard in strict collaboration: as writers structured the video´s narrative, the design team, including a 3D modelling specialist, tested the best way to give life to the all the gut microbiota, tissues and processes driven by the product. The goal was to mimic what actually happens in the gut and all the interactions between the several elements. The design team created the needed structures, developed the modelling and tested different colours and shapes to deliver a sequence that takes the viewer into the animal’s gut exploring all the major features of the product. The modelling is supported by other graphical elements, pictures and soft, clear and detailed voiceover. The process for developing the video included several meetings with the client to make sure all details were covered, and that the final product was fully aligned with the product’s marketing positioning.



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